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Photo Album
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aka112_pier.jpg (15161 bytes)

On the left the USS Tulare is loading U.S. Marines at San Diego, CA, winter of 1966, destination South Vietnam. On the right, a LCM offloading a U.S. Army truck at Chu Lai, summer 1967, with a LST in background.  Many more photos on the USS TULARE AKA-112  Website.

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RadiosME3-46a.jpg (33285 bytes)

Mike A. Harris provides a fantastic Website, Riverine Sailor , where you can find many photos like these of his days with the Brown Water Navy in Vietnam.  

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dd-950_5_4.jpg (14525 bytes)

The USS Richard S. Edwards DD-950 spent much time in the Tonkin Gulf.  Visit the DD-950 Online Photo Album to see hundreds of photos from those days.

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