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Webmasters, you can now add your own unit's message board and if you choose the Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club message board to your Website.  We have made arrangements with™ to allow other Websites to use our message boards on their own sites.  For the four months we have used's services we are pleased with the reliability.

Your message board is fully customizable to the look and feel of your own Website.  You can make it seem as if it is part of your Website to your users.  Yet the message boards are hosted on's server and all you need to do is cut and paste some simple HTML to your site.

The common message board system is easy to set up, just a copy and paste of a few lines of HTML to your Website.  If you sign up through the links on this page, we will be able to assist you.  You can set up both the message boards for your own unit, and add the common Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club message board and others if you choose to also use them on your Website.

To see how the common or shared message board system works, we have set up some examples of the system in action.  Please visit,, and this Website and you will see how there are common message boards on each Website that appear on all of them and are fully usable from each location.  This will help give your Website users more content to view and participate in when they visit all of our Websites.

To get started, click through the link below and open a free account at  Take your time and read through the instructions on how to set up and customise your own message board.  You will find the Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club and other military message boards to share.  Request to share them and we will approve your request. Click through here to get started now: 



Offer your own Web based email system using your domain at for FREE.  We noticed many Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club Webmasters have now obtained their own domains.  We began offering Web based email with the domain some time ago and have been surprised how many visitors have chosen to use the system.

 The email system has generated a lot of traffic for the Website.  Each email sent through the system has a link back to the Website.  Many of the unit members would rather use the email with the unique domain other than a AOL, Hotmail or similar address.

If you have your own domain name for your Website, it is not difficult to set up your own free Web based email system like ours for the members of your unit to use. 

It does require some changes to be made to the DNS MX zone records of your domain.  It is not difficult to have your ISP make those changes for you.  We have set up over ten of the Web based email systems and if you click through the link below, we will be able to offer you some assistance and advice if needed.  Click through here to get started opening a FREE account.


Sign up here to test your email system Daily.  This spam-free list sends one, and only one, test email to your email system once each day at a set time. These email addresses are not made public or available publicly anywhere. 
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I suggest that you open a separate account in your email system such as  That will make it easy to look and see if the test email message arrived each day, and to delete them.  By reading the headers, you can see when the note was sent and when it was received.

Sign up for FREE with to monitor the availability of your Websites and services.  Just type in the URL of the service that you want to know when it is down, such as: Http:// and Netwhistle will politely test the link each hour for you.  If your service is down, NetWhistle will send you an email notice.

URL to monitor: 
Email to alert: 


This below is hands down, the best resource on the Web to learn how-to and help you to promote your Websites...

If you have a website, you absolutely have to check out this amazing, wonderful, incredible resource. You can use it for free to register your site with all the important search engines and indexes, and THEN decide if and how much you want to pay to support the service. It's great -- so great that even a notorious cheapskate like me gave them some money!

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